What habits do happy couples have?  

November 2, 2021by Liz Uimbia0
  1. Date nights: I don’t care how long you have been together. Once a week, take turns creating that special day. Be creative.
  2. Communication: Listen to one another. Don’t interrupt, don’t pass judgment, hear the other person out. It’s not about right or
  3. Support: Whoever has had the bad day, be there for them. No matter the issue. Don’t minimize it! You are their support, listen, feel, understand and tackle it together.
  4. Honesty: No matter how painful, they will be honest with one another. Honesty can fix a lot. If you don’t believe it, try lying and fix
  5. Laughter: Hope you got lucky and married a funny partner. If not, learn to laugh at stupid shit. Laughter can fix many stupid, petty arguments.
  6. Exercise: You both enjoy the same activities. Get out and motivate one another. Challenge one another in a fun way!
  7. Appreciate: Continually show your partner their importance. Maybe one does more creative things than the other. Make it known, you are aware of it. You both have your niche.
  8. Attention: You never make your partner beg for attention. You have their back no matter what. You never make your partner feel less than, or like they are a convenience.
  9. Kiss: Not just a kiss, a passionate kiss where your partner feels your soul.
  10. Hug: This ties in with the I believe very few relationships actually have a hug or kiss that is electrifying after the 6-month mark. Always hug and kiss your partner like it’s the last.

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