Every person has unique gifts
and those gifts give him or her the power
and the opportunity to accomplish great things.

Zig Ziglar

Every person has unique gifts, and those gifts give him or her the power and the opportunity to accomplish great things.

Zig Ziglar

Be Unstoppable Self-Mastery Class

Mastery Class on Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation & Self-Visionary

Discover the extraordinary within you and transform your life in just 5 weeks with our comprehensive mastery class.

Be Unstoppable is the transformative personal development program that empowers you to take control of your life, achieve greatness, and unleash your true potential. Join us today and become the architect of your extraordinary future.
"Empower Your Journey to Extraordinary Living with Be Unstoppable!"

Are You Craving Breakthroughs? Are you a professional or entrepreneur with a thirst for greater success? An individual seeking solutions to adversity? Or someone ready to weather life's transitions with strength and resilience? Your transformation begins with us.

Discover how the Be Unstoppable program will empower you to:

i) Rise above your challenges, welcome an exceptional life, and become your best self.

ii) Illuminate your own patterns and beliefs, equipped with tools to upgrade your inner programming, enabling lasting transformation.

iii) Confront stress with unwavering confidence, viewing challenges as opportunities for growth.

iv) Harness a powerful inner voice, guiding your path and shielding you from external forces.

v) Cultivate unstoppable resolve, turning the tables on adversity with powerful tools and techniques.

vi) Through three modules over five weeks, create a vision board that charts your path to an extraordinary life.

Who's It For?

🎯 Driven Professionals: Striving for career excellence and personal transformation.

πŸš€ Ambitious Entrepreneurs: Eager to make a mark and unlock entrepreneurial potential.

πŸ”‘ Individuals Seeking Solutions: Facing personal challenges, actively seeking solutions.

🌱 Growth-oriented Individuals: Hungry for personal development and self-discovery.

Be Unstoppable is your dynamic and transformative journey to take control, embrace change, and unlock your true potential. Join us now and redefine your extraordinary life!

Limited spots available, so secure your place today!

πŸ“… Date: Open - Just Book
πŸ•’ Time: 9:00am – 1pm or 2pm - 6pm
🏒 Venue: 13 Crescent, Crescent Road Parklands

Investment in Yourself:
Price: Kshs. 14,950/-

Ready to embrace the extraordinary?

Successful Stories

I had heard great things of Liz's coaching and work

I am so glad that I did! Her workbooks, audios and life coaching program contain some of the most practical and useful information and advice I have encountered. Her ideas are simple and easily implemented, yet make a tremendous difference if you take the time to follow her step-by-step plan. Since doing Be Unstoppable Program, my life has changed, I keep challenging my belief systems. If you seek to make the best of yourself and what is already inside you, you couldn’t find a better resource.


Wow! Love it!

I have suggested this program to every one I know, married or single. The style is appealing, empowering, and again, completely engaging.


Mindset CHANGE I recommend it to my friends

I am so glad that I did! In this program i learnt about myself and how Brules mess my mind. My belief system need an upgrade. Be Unstoppable Program, has had a impact in my life that even my husband wants to enroll into the program.


One of the BEST program I have done!

Knowing better means doing better, Liz kept saying that and its true am a better person. I have understood how change happens sometimes it can be painful but extremely needed and other times it’s subtle and easy. Transformation and change is part of life, am embracing change in my life better after the program.


Copyright by LifeConnect. All rights reserved.

Copyright by LifeConnect. All rights reserved.

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