The Power of Coming from a Giving Place

June 5, 2024by Liz Uimbia0

Imagine this: You’re talking to a friend, your child, or your significant other. You’re fully present in the moment, listening to them without expecting anything in return. You genuinely want the best for them, without needing any benefit for yourself. This is what it means to come from a giving place.

Maybe you’re with your significant other, and they’ve wronged you. You feel like lashing out at them, telling them exactly what you think of their behavior. However, you decide to calm down and address the issue when you’re less angry and not overwhelmed by emotions. This is coming from a giving place. It’s where unconditional love is shown—especially when the person you’re loving doesn’t seem to deserve it and is behaving badly.

Coming from a giving place means being present and attentive. It’s about not waiting eagerly for a response to your text or making assumptions when someone doesn’t reply as quickly as you’d like. It’s about not being reactive or thinking, “I need to put them in their place” or “They must know they are wrong.” These thoughts come from a place of taking, where the focus is on your ego and not on the other person.

When we let our ego dominate, our actions become selfish. We don’t care about the other person; we just want our way. This reactivity pushes people away because they can sense that our intentions are not genuine. At that moment, it’s impossible to be caring or loving because our focus is entirely on ourselves.

To truly come from a giving place, we need to pause and reflect on our intentions. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel the need to correct or give advice? Am I genuinely excited to help, or do I just want to show them how wrong they are?” If your motivation comes from a desire to prove something, it’s not from a giving place and won’t be well-received. Instead, it will create resistance and no positive change.

Practicing coming from a giving place is not easy, but it’s achievable with daily effort. Focus on compassion and understanding. By doing so, you’ll find that you react less and your relationships will improve. You will stop feeding your ego and start fostering genuine connections.

Remember, always come from a place of compassion, and you will grow. The journey might be challenging, but the rewards are profound.

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