When a Hardened Heart Blocks the Path to Love

September 12, 2023by Liz Uimbia1

We’ve all heard the phrase, “I have a hardened heart,” as people recount tales of betrayal, disappointments, and profound emotional wounds. Some wear it as a badge of honor, believing it’s a shield against further hurt. They assume that by closing off, they protect themselves. But, in reality, a heart turned to stone blocks the very essence of life which is love.

The Paradox of a Hardened Heart

It’s ironic that in trying to prevent future pain, we inadvertently rob ourselves of life’s deepest joys. Relationships, by their very nature, are vulnerable. They require two individuals to open up, share, and, yes, sometimes get hurt. But they also offer joy, comfort, and companionship. When we harden our hearts, we miss out on these treasures.

Letting Go and Trusting Again

Imagine holding onto a burning coal, thinking it will protect you from the cold, only to realize it’s scalding your hand. Holding onto past hurts is much the same. The longer we hold onto them, the more they burn our soul, leaving scars that prevent us from experiencing love and joy.

To let go, we need to trust again. Trusting doesn’t mean forgetting. Instead, it signifies that we acknowledge the pain but choose not to let it define our future.

Where does this trust start? With God. God understands our pain and can guide us towards healing. Entrusting our heartaches and scars to God is the first step in the journey of healing. Once we trust God, we learn to trust ourselves. This self-trust is pivotal because it teaches us to rely on our intuition and discernment, ensuring we make healthier choices in relationships.

The Peace of Trust

There’s a profound peace that comes with trust. It’s like the quiet after a storm, where the world feels new and full of possibilities. By trusting, we open our hearts to love, understanding, and, most importantly, peace.

A life without trust is a life without peace. When we have no peace, our days are filled with anxiety, suspicion, and unrest which is a terrible way to live. We must remember that love thrives in an environment of trust. For love to truly blossom, we must first have a heart that’s willing to trust, even after being hurt.

In conclusion life will, inevitably, have its ups and downs. Every relationship will have its share of joys and sorrows. But, to love fully, we need to trust wholeheartedly. This begins with entrusting our wounds to God, trusting ourselves, and eventually, trusting others.

After all, a heart hardened by past hurts may seem like a fortress, but it’s more like a prison. Set your heart free, trust again, and watch as love transforms your life.

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    September 12, 2023 at 11:10 am

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