Standing Still in a World that’s Moving On

September 4, 2023by Liz Uimbia0

Sometimes, life feels like a dance where everyone’s mastered the steps except you. They glide, do their kizomba and flourish, while you seem to be forever mark-timing, waiting for the music to beckon you into motion. It feels as though everyone boarded the bus to “Successville,” leaving you behind at the deserted stop, clutching your dreams, wondering if another bus will ever come around.

Your friends? Many are celebrating milestones – from high-flying careers to growing families. There’s Joe with his dream job and Linda with her teenage and young adults kids. Monica is showing off her shiny new wedding ring and David, he’s just closed a deal for his thriving start-up. You, on the other hand, feel like you’re still struggling to figure out what you truly want from life, and more pertinently, if life wants anything from you.

Now, don’t get me wrong. You’re that ‘happy go lucky’ individual who everyone wants at their parties. Your positive energy is infectious, lighting up the room and ensuring a memorable time for all. But once the music fades, the laughter subsides, and you’re back in your apartment, reality dawns. It’s just a bed, a chair, a TV. The echoes of solitude, sometimes louder than any party music, reverberate.

Ironically, while some long for what others have, others might be looking at you with envious eyes. That luxury car, the designer outfits, the penthouse with a view – you’ve got it all. But inside, you might be fighting a different battle. A battle with loneliness, with the dilemma of genuine affection versus bought love, with the difficulty of discerning true intent amidst the sparkle of your affluence.

For men, the dating game can often feel transactional. Is she with me for me, or for the luxury handbags and posh dinners? For women, it can be equally vexing. Where are the genuine, decent men? The ones who aren’t after my success, my money, or just a fleeting moment?

Life seems unbalanced, doesn’t it? It’s like a see-saw where one end is perpetually up while the other’s down, and equilibrium is a dream. But remember this: the pendulum of life swings both ways.

If you feel stuck, it’s vital to seek help, lean on those who genuinely care, and remember that there’s always a way out. Sometimes, it might be changing your mindset, sometimes your environment, and at other times, just taking a break to introspect.

Don’t let the glitter of social media deter your journey. Those snapshots are just that – a fleeting moment, often without the context of struggles, insecurities, and challenges.

You’re unique, and your journey is yours alone. Embrace change, because that’s the only constant. Focus on personal growth, keep striving, and soon enough, you’ll find your rhythm in this vast dance of life.

Embrace Change: The Only Constant

Commitment is the key. Dedicate yourself to making incremental changes, no matter how insignificant they may seem at the time. A vision for the future starts with a single step, and then another, and another. Like any journey, there will be obstacles and setbacks, but perseverance and adaptability will see you through.

In this crazy, unbalanced life, your best bet is to make the most of your current situation while striving to better it. After all, the only constant thing in life is change. So, why not be the master of your own change?

And the next time you find yourself alone in that room with just a bed, a chair, and a TV, maybe you’ll see it not as a trap, but as a blank canvas waiting for you to paint your future. Because you are the artist, and your life is your masterpiece in the making.

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