Finding Light In The Shadows: Be Still, My Dear

April 9, 2024by Liz Uimbia0

In shadows deep, I find my spark,

Curled up in blankets, soft and dark.

A fluffy shield from stormy weather,

In cozy folds, I pull together.


More often now, these moments come,

Where solitude’s soft whispers hum.

In my office, locked away,

I bow my head, I try to pray.

But prayers dissolve into my tears,

In silent sobs, my heart unsteers.

Did words rise up, or just my cries?

In that sacred space where my spirit lies.


Growing through pain, through night’s long test,

In dark soil, I find my best.

Not loving the shadows, but in them, I see

A chance to meet the woman I’m meant to be.


Learning to love anew, the woman within,

Finding that solitude isn’t akin

To loneliness, but a space so broad,

For growth, for life, towards the ways of God.


Handling life with gentle hands,

Choosing peace where I once took stands.

Called to calmness, to slow, to rest,

To humble my heart, and let go of distress.


To release my anger, to let it flow away,

Embrace each lesson, come what may.

Each challenge a teacher, quiet and discreet,

Guiding my steps with lessons sweet.


Grateful now, through every trial,

Knowing God’s hand has been there all while.

Hearing His voice in the midst of my fears,

Whispering softly, “Be still, my dear.”

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Copyright by LifeConnect. All rights reserved.

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