Loveless Vows: A Garden of Secrets (Part 1)

July 18, 2023by Liz Uimbia3

In the heart of Nairobi City, beneath the facade of a beautiful garden wedding, lay a tale of pain, loveless embraces, and the haunting weight of secret desires. Meet Jackie, a woman trapped in the confines of a loveless marriage, grappling with a past she wished she could change.

As she looked back on her journey, Jackie’s eyes revealed the hidden pain etched deep within her soul. The memory of her once vibrant love, now faded, weighed heavily on her heart like an unbearable burden. The touch of her husband’s hand felt like cold indifference, and the hugs were empty of any true affection.

Every intimate moment they shared lacked the warmth of love, leaving Jackie feeling bruised and battered, her body a canvas of pain from the loveless touches and kisses. She was trapped in a relationship without love, yearning for connection, yet unable to express her inner turmoil.

The pain was a constant companion, silently tearing her apart from within. Yet, she couldn’t find the courage to tell anyone about the agony she endured daily. The world saw a happy, content couple, and she couldn’t bear to shatter that illusion.

Night after night, Jackie’s pillow bore the weight of her tears, tears she couldn’t share with her husband, who lay beside her, oblivious to her suffering. There was no sweet embrace of loving touch, no reassurance of care, just a silent void that grew wider with each passing moment.

Jackie knew something was terribly wrong, and she couldn’t ignore it any longer. She married him for the wrong reasons, driven by a pregnancy that bound their fates together. The connection they once shared had faded over time, leaving her feeling disconnected and unloved.

Her husband, Alex, had desired someone different, someone who fit a specific mold, and Jackie couldn’t fit that ideal. He yearned for a virgin bride, and her past, her beloved son from a previous relationship, became an insurmountable obstacle in his eyes.

Alex’s Christian beliefs conflicted with the reality of Jackie’s life, branding their love as sinful and tarnished. The weight of his expectations crushed Jackie’s spirit, making her feel unworthy of love and acceptance.

The forbidden attraction between them couldn’t be denied, and despite their disconnect, they succumbed to its allure, time and time again. Yet, it did little to fill the void in Jackie’s heart, knowing that Alex still longed for something else, someone else.

As her love for him waned, Jackie faced a painful decision – to fight for a love that seemed beyond repair or to find the strength to move on. She chose the latter, attempting to leave the loveless relationship behind. But fate had other plans, weaving their lives together once more in a night that would forever change their path.

One fateful night, Jackie found herself back in Alex’s embrace, and that night bore an unexpected consequence – a precious gift that would link them forever. A wonderful boy was conceived, a symbol of a love that was once passionate and a reminder of the tangled web they couldn’t escape.

In an attempt to fix their messy situation, Jackie and Alex exchanged vows in a beautiful garden wedding. The ceremony held the promise of a new beginning, but deep down, Jackie wondered if it would be enough to rekindle the love they once shared.

Jackie’s story continues, unraveling the secrets she held within, the challenges she would face, and the ultimate choice she would have to make – to either find a way to heal their fractured bond or finally embrace the freedom to love and be loved in return. (To be continued…)


  • Muthoni

    July 18, 2023 at 9:09 am

    Beautiful story…..yearning to read the path she chose to take. This story has quite some similarities with my own….#Sigh


  • Wakanyi

    July 19, 2023 at 9:34 am

    A nice read. Potrays the realities in marriages today.


  • Shiru

    July 19, 2023 at 10:20 am

    Eye opener and reminder that love should sit at the core of every marriage. Without love it cannot hold.
    Good read.


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