Embracing Life’s Journey: Letting Go, Love, and Self-Discovery

July 25, 2023by Liz Uimbia1

Life is an incredible journey filled with ups and downs, challenges, and moments of joy. As we grow older, we learn to shed the baggage of the past, embracing the person we truly are and our true essence of our being. In each phase of my life, I have learnt valuable lessons, and I have come to cherish the woman I am becoming. With the guidance of God and the support of wonderful friends, I navigate life’s twists and turns, striving for happiness and financial abundance in my life.

Embracing Growth Through Letting Go; Life’s journey involves a process of letting go – shedding bad memories, negative habits, and toxic relationships. It wasn’t easy, especially when I became a mother out of wedlock, causing shock and disappointment to my parents. However, each experience, including a loveless marriage and a subsequent divorce, has helped me grow stronger and wiser. I now understand that letting go of what no longer serves us opens up space for new and more valuable blessings to enter our lives.

Singleness: A Time of Joy and Self-Love; After going through various life phases, I found myself embracing singleness with open arms. It has been a time of self-discovery and fully enjoying my own company. Although there are moments of loneliness, I have come to appreciate the freedom and independence that come with being single. I’m hopeful that love will come my way, and while it might not be a perfect Cinderella story, I am ready to embrace it with the understanding that it should help both me and my partner grow into better versions of ourselves.

Love and Prioritizing Relationships; In the pursuit of love, I have set a clear expectation that my partner should prioritize God as a personal friend and love me with his heart and soul. While the journey may come with challenges – like distorted expectations or unwelcome surprises – I believe in working together to fix the imperfections and strengthen our bond.

A Supportive Circle of Friends; Throughout my life, God has blessed me with wonderful friends who have been pillars of support. They hold me up when I’m down, offer guidance when I’m lost and celebrate my successes with me. I cherish these friendships and strive to be the same pillar of support for them. Having a supportive network has made the journey more fulfilling and beautiful.

Pursuing Financial Abundance and Business Growth; Alongside my personal growth, I am nurturing my business and manifesting financial abundance every day. I firmly believe that God is my shepherd and that I lack nothing. This belief drives me to work hard, knowing that my angels are busy shaping a prosperous future for me.

Parenthood and Future Aspirations; As a parent, I take pride in seeing my children grow into young adults. While I wish for them to find love and happiness, I also hope they make wise decisions and wait for the right time before starting families of their own. As I’m not quite ready to be called a grand-mom yet!

Life’s journey is a rollercoaster of experiences that shape us into who we are meant to be. Embracing growth, letting go, pursuing love and happiness are integral parts of this journey. I am grateful for the valuable lessons I’ve learned, the friendships I cherish, and the abundant blessings God has bestowed upon me. As I continue to evolve and learn, I eagerly anticipate the chapters of my life yet to unfold, all the while holding onto hope, love, and self-discovery.

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  • Christine

    August 1, 2023 at 8:06 am

    Great piece..
    Very encouraging Journey of self discovery filled with hope and love especially for those who share the same stories of life..
    Thank you for sharing your world with us..forever greatful 🙏.
    Keep up the good work 👏


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