Sexual Energy
is the most life-giving, creative force. It's the life-energy, the vibe we give off when we interact with others.

Liz Uimbia - Life Coach

Sexual Energy
is the most life-giving, creative force. It's the life-energy, the vibe we give off when we interact with others.

Liz Uimbia - Life Coach

Sexual Creative Energy

Why Your Sexual Energy Is Your Creative Energy?

Sex is one of the greatest motivational forces we have in life. Our sexual impulses control so much of what we do, how we act, and the choices we make. Therefore, it one of the most important aspects of life. I deeply believe that sex is life, we all come from sex, plus we can’t exist without sex. Harnessing this energy is important for personal well being and balance. If sexual energy is not properly channeled it can lead to destruction.

Sexual energy is a life-energy, its the vibe we give off when we interact with others. The way a woman speaks or the way a man glares, a mode of communication that transcends even the intellectual and emotional realms of human interaction. It is a force that we feel so strongly that it can control our lives either positively or negatively.

In this program we will discuss in detail how to tap into your sexual energy so that you can benefit from it. We will also talk about tantra which is one of the ways of taping into our sexual energy. Its not just about sex, but about life and how to connect

What is tantra?

The program is based on tantra, I would like to mention before we begin that although often synonymous with sex, tantra is really about connection — whether that’s with yourself or between you and a partner. The energies you channel during tantric sex flow throughout your body and can intensify your orgasm.

Tantric will help you:

a) Heal your past traumas that are stuck in your body and mind and free your soul.

b) It will also help you to let go of unwanted thoughts and make your mind feel lighter and let go past rejections.

c) Help you in forgiving yourself and learn to love yourself and cherish your body as you are wonderfully created.

c) Will not only help you in loving yourself, but it will also help you in loving your partner deeply creating solid relationship with your partner.

Programme Details

The programme runs for 10 weeks, we met once a week either physically or virtually. The programme is for both couples and singles.

It is a comprehensive Sexual Creative Energy programs that is packaged an impressive amount of content into a 10 week course.

You’ll follow Liz’s step-by-step process that is personal and enlighten. It will uncover the psychological aspects of your sexuality. Connects you with the energetic influences shaping your sexuality, so you can stay true to your God given sexuality. Finally, you will do the groundwork where will you enter into the physical aspects of soulful sexuality.

Upon completing the programme, you will have experienced a sexual awakening so profound, it will permanently change your understanding of sensuality and intimacy - and your capacity to experience it.

Successfull stories
and client testimonials

I had heard great things of Liz's coaching and work

I am so glad that I did! Her workbooks, audios and life coaching program contain some of the most practical and useful information and advice I have encountered. Her ideas are simple and easily implemented, yet make a tremendous difference if you take the time to follow her step-by-step plan. Since doing Tap into Your Sexual Creative Energy Program, my life has changed, am able to handle my relationship much better. Of-course my sex-life has been renewed i am a happy woman and so is my man.


Wow! Love it!

I have suggested this program to every woman I know (and some men), married or single. The style is appealing, empowering, and again, completely engaging.


Mindset CHANGE I recommend it to my friends

I am so glad that I did! In this program i learnt about myself and understand what turns me on and what doesn’t. I know have a better relationship with my body and I understand my husbands body better.  Our relationship is no longer the same. Thank you Liz


One of the BEST program I have done!

Knowing better means doing better, Liz kept saying that and its true am a better person. I have understood how change happens sometimes it can be painful but extremely needed and other times it’s subtle and easy. Transformation and change is part of life, am embracing change in my life better after the program.  h


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