Customer-Centric Approach: Learn to put customers at the heart of every interaction.

Customer-Centric Approach: Learn to put customers at the heart of every interaction.

Excelling in Customer Service

Are you ready to revolutionize the way your business serves its customers? Elevate your team's customer service skills with our dynamic and empowering Excelling in Customer Service program!

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In today's competitive business landscape, exceptional customer service is a key differentiator that can set your company apart. This comprehensive two-day training course, "Excelling in Customer Service," is designed to equip your team with the essential skills and strategies to deliver outstanding customer experiences. By focusing on six critical elements of customer service, this course will empower your employees to not only meet customer expectations but also exceed them, leading to increased customer loyalty and business success.
🎯 Program Highlights

Outcome: Empower Your Team to Deliver Exceptional Customer Experiences
Benefits: Enhance Customer Loyalty, Boost Business Reputation, and Drive Success

During this empowering workshop, you will:

At the end of the course, participants will be able to:
β€’ Demonstrate a customer-centric approach in all interactions
β€’ Understand how their behavior influences customer behavior
β€’ Display confidence and proficiency in problem-solving
β€’ Apply effective techniques to handle challenging customer situations
β€’ Embrace the choice to prioritize and provide exceptional customer service

πŸ“… Date: September 2023
πŸ•’ Duration: 2 days
🏒 Venue: Your Choice or 13 Crescent, Crescent Road Parklands

πŸ’Ό Who Should Attend:

β€’ Customer-Facing Teams
β€’ Sales and Service Representatives
β€’ Frontline Staff
β€’ Supervisors and Managers

πŸŽ“ Why Choose Our Program?

β€’ Proven Success: Developed by industry experts with a track record of elevating customer service.
β€’ Interactive Learning: Engaging activities, real-world scenarios, and role-playing exercises.
β€’ Customizable Solutions: Tailored strategies for your unique business challenges.
β€’ Lasting Impact: Empower your team with skills they'll use to deliver excellence every day.

Investment in Yourself:
Price: Group - 120,000/- Talk to us to Custom make your Training Cost

For more information and registration, contact us at +254 722 842490 email -

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Successful Stories

I had heard great things of Liz's coaching and work

I am so glad that I did! Her workbooks, audios and life coaching program contain some of the most practical and useful information and advice I have encountered. Her ideas are simple and easily implemented, yet make a tremendous difference if you take the time to follow her step-by-step plan. Since doing Be Unstoppable Program, my life has changed, I keep challenging my belief systems. If you seek to make the best of yourself and what is already inside you, you couldn’t find a better resource.


Wow! Love it!

I have suggested this program to every woman I know (and some men), married or single. The style is appealing, empowering, and again, completely engaging.


Mindset CHANGE I recommend it to my friends

I am so glad that I did! In this program i learnt about myself and how Brules mess my mind. My belief system need an upgrade. Be Unstoppable Program, has had a impact in my life that even my husband wants to enroll into the program.


One of the BEST program I have done!

Knowing better means doing better, Liz kept saying that and it’s true am a better person. I have understood how change happens sometimes it can be painful but extremely needed and other times it’s subtle and easy. Transformation and change is part of life, am embracing change in my life better after the program.


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Copyright by LifeConnect. All rights reserved.

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