Calming Your Storm

May 30, 2024by Liz Uimbia0

The Power of Positive Self-Talk

Have you ever felt like you’re stuck in a cycle of negativity? You keep talking about your problems, hoping to feel better, but it only makes things worse. My therapist gave me some powerful advice that changed my perspective: “Learn to calm your own storm instead of venting to other people. It sounds therapeutic to let it all out, but you’re reinforcing your negative thoughts. It’s no one’s job but yours to pull you out of your own problems. Journal, meditate, exercise, and release.”

This advice hit home for me, and here’s why it’s so important.

The Problem with Venting

Venting feels good in the moment. It’s like releasing steam from a pressure cooker. But, if we constantly vent our frustrations, we might actually be feeding the negativity. What you talk about and focus on becomes bigger. When you keep discussing your problems, you’re essentially giving them more power. You’re reinforcing those negative thoughts and attracting more negativity into your life.

Finding Positive Outlets

So, what can we do instead? My therapist suggested some great alternatives:

  1. Journaling: Write down your thoughts and feelings. It’s a safe space to let it all out without affecting anyone else. Plus, it can help you understand your emotions better.
  2. Meditation: Take some time to clear your mind and find inner peace. Meditation helps you focus on the present and reduces stress.
  3. Exercise: Physical activity is a fantastic way to release built-up tension. Whether it’s a run, yoga, or a dance session, moving your body can help clear your mind.
  4. Positive Self-Talk: Pay attention to the words you use. Speak kindly to yourself. Instead of saying, “I’m so stressed,” try saying, “I’m working on finding peace.”

The Power of Words

Remember, we create from our spoken words. If you’re constantly talking about how bad things are, you’ll keep experiencing those negative feelings. But if you start speaking positive things, you’ll begin to create a more positive reality.

If you must vent, do it in your journal, talk to a therapist, or confide in a trusted friend. But try not to make it a habit. By focusing on positive solutions rather than problems, you’ll start to see a shift in your life.

Learning to calm your own storm isn’t about ignoring your problems. It’s about finding healthy ways to deal with them. By taking responsibility for your own emotional well-being and choosing to speak positively, you can create a more peaceful and fulfilling life.

So next time you feel overwhelmed, remember my therapist’s advice: journal, meditate, exercise, and release. And most importantly, choose your words wisely—they have the power to shape your reality.


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